Water-Based Sports

VA National Veterans Sports Programs

Action Trackchair
Grit Freedom Chair
Terrain Hopper

American Canoe Association
Adaptive Equipment
Canoe Stabilizer
EZ Dock
Grief River
Special Olympics
Team River Runner– veterans program

Adaptive Rowing Certification
Concept 2
Oar Board SUP
US Rowing

US Sailing
Sail Ahead
US Patriot Sailing
Veterans on Deck
Veterans Sailing Association
Veterans to Sailors
Warrior Sailing
Wooden Boats for Veterans

At Peace Counseling
Dive 21
Dive Heart
Dive Therapy
Dive Warriors
Scuba Warriors
Warfighter Scuba

Competitive Organizations
International Surfing Association
Professional Stand Up Paddle Association
Special Olympics
USA Surfing
World Paddle Association
AmpSurf– certification
International Surf Therapy Organization
Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation– veterans
Operation Surf– veterans
Surfers for Autism
Warrior Surf Foundation– veterans



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