The New CTRS

Congratulations on passing the exam and becoming a recreational therapist (CTRS)! You may be wondering what now!?! Look no further, many of your answers may be found below.

What is the Professional Organization for RT?

American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA)

Are there any social media sites for RTs?

ATRA Facebook Page
RT/TR Facebook Group
TR Directory on Facebook

What are the requirements for maintaining my CTRS credential?

NCTRC Facebook Page

Are there any state requirements/protections for RTs?

  • State licensure is required in:
    • District of Columbia
    • Utah
    • New Hampshire
    • New Jersey
    • North Carolina
    • Oklahoma
  • States that offer Recreation Therapy as part of their medicaid waiver system
    • Indiana
    • Texas

ATRA Job Board
USA Jobs– VA Recreation Therapist postings
IL Activity Therapist postings
MO Activity Therapist postings
Move United Adaptive Sports Listings